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"The subject of light has captivated me for years, hence the major project for my MA has been experimentation with light photographing moments when the natural light has been exquisite, constructing 3D pieces to cast colour and glow, creating reflections of kaleidoscopic images from simple materials and bouncing natural light around to illuminate dark recesses and objects."

"I aim to capture (record) the sudden feeling of joy when I come across unexpected sights or sounds clear blue turquoise water as I take the last turn in a winding path to the Adriatic coastline, or water rushing over the rocks in a stream in Co. Antrim, or the sun streaming through a stained glass window lighting up a gloomy interior."

"I try to make work that intrigues, perhaps appearing as one thing but then revealed to be another: something that would arrest attention and involve the viewer. Small things that can go unnoticed in everyday life, captured, occasionally distorted, and displayed for examination. And always, somewhere, there is light."

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Lynda Cornwell - Fine Artist - Kaledioscope

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